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iced star said...

I loved tonights show. Especially in San Zhi. Definitely inspirational and I would love to go stay in the place where Peifen stayed! :) I think its a great episode which shows us that sometimes, we just have to take life slowly and stop to smell the roses along the way. Keep up the great work!

Grace Yan

p.s. I would love to get the souvenir if possible!

Fule said...
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Fule said...

So simple has always been a program i look forward to every week.I really loved tonight's show.Thank you ALL for making the show.Living in a busy city all my life, I or we tend to forget nature is something we should treasure.I though this 木工作品 is a brilliant idea. It inspired me to DIY unwanted items and put them into good use. =)I would love to get the souvenir. =)

oceanbluesg said...

This is the 1st tm i am watching the show.And it is indeed a great esp! Love the way you wrote the script, leaving inspirational tots for the viewers and the place there is so beautiful,relaxing and breath-taking!

would love to get the souvenir if lucky enuff. thx..

oceanbluesg said...

This is the 1st tm i am watching the show.And it is indeed a great esp! Love the way you wrote the script, leaving inspirational tots for the viewers and the place there is so beautiful,relaxing and breath-taking!

would love to get the souvenir if lucky enuff. thx..

Frank Lee said...

My wife and I like this program a lot. Thanks for showing us that life is beyond a rat race and it is uplifting to see passionate people creating their own space in this universe. Please keep this program going! It would be a splendid Valentine's Day gift for our little family if we can have the souvenir! Thanks in advance.

brenda said...


I was watching the TV show tonight and decided to checkout this blog. I totally agree on living our life to the fullest rather than mere chase of material wealth. It is truly inspiring to see stories of others, being able to "let go" of material wealth to pursue their real happiness and personal goals. I will definately work towards living my life to the fullest soon. I do hope to get the wooden DIY souvenir too :)

*ollie! said...

Another nice episode! Love the places you take us to, they're all so dreamy and lovely! Wish I couls visit san zhi someday. :D haha, would also like to have the nice souvenir too!

Olivia Ng

wen said...

This episode really shows the beautiful scenery in San Zhi. The souvenir is really cool and I would love to have it.

Pei Wen

mao said...

I enjoyed watching 'so simple'.. makes me think about the life i want to pursue.. I think peifen did a great job! jiayou!! (: (:

I would like to get the nice lil souvenir!


just the girl said...

if eyes were made for seeing, then beauty is its own excuse for being.
-the beauty of nature is simply undescribable.

you dont need a canvas to express yourself because your life is your canvas and the way you live it is your art. - a simple life is an irony of what we wish in an urban lifestyle.

i love the program and have been looking forward to this 2nd season.
keep up the good job (:

i am interested to have the souvenir


May Pea said...

I've finally remembered to watch this after sometime. And i've regretted not remembering to watch previous episodes! It's really a meaningful programme. So simple, so relaxing. Would love the souvenir if i'm lucky too! Thanks for making this programme!

Cia said...

I thoroughly enjoyed today's episode. Sad to say, i don't dedicate much time to watch tv. Am grateful for the re-telecast at 11.30pm. Will give my utmost support to this show. Peifen is a pleasant and pretty host, very suitable for such a inspiring programme. =) Thumbs up.

I'd LOVE to receive the souvenir.


Anonymous said...






期待下一集, 因为“简单就是美2”是我每个星期的推动力。


Serene Chew

Christine :) said...

hellos! :)
i just happened to catch the repeat of So simple 2 and its my 1st time watching it. nevertheless, this program is great! Not only its creative and really it will inspire one's mind. Thanks for producing this show. All the best & i'm looking forward for more.. :) i would definitely love to get the souvenir if i get the chance! :) thanks & take care!


De Hong said...


i really love your show and think it's fantastic. If only there are more of such shows. First, let me suggest that the show be made into dvds, as I would love to be able to watch the eps any time i want.

It has inspired me to take a break from my busy working life to consider my real goals in life, and pursue them bravely. Nowadays few shows have such the powerful ability to move ppl.

And of course, i hope to be chosen as the lucky winner of the one-of-a-kind souvenir =)

So Simple Administrator said...

Apologies to those who are unable to comment earlier cos the setting was set for bloggers only. We are now open to anyone, everyone.

Lionel Low said...

Love the show! And I do hope to win 小亨利's handicraft. Would mean so much. Many thanks in advance. :)

Lionel Low

de mighty shiva said...

love de craft done by them. v v unique. would like love to get the souvenir. thanks babe

Eunice said...

hello :D
I will always watch So Simple every week. Even though i missed the show at 9.30pm, I will watch it at 11.30pm :D It's a very nice show. Meaningful too! If I had the time, I would loved to visit San Zhi someday.

I would love to get the souvenir. :D Thanks


faddy said...

San zhi will definitely be my must-go when I visit Taiwan next time...hopefully this year!
I've always love this programme and have been 'zhui-ing'it since last year, no matter how busy I am. Excited that you all have come up with the Sec. series. I aspire to live my life to the fullest potential...to be happy, to appreciate what God has created, to make use of natural items to bring joy and change...just like this cute little wooden stand =)

faddy said...

Look at me. I'm so absorbed in writing about San zhi & the gift that I forgot to indicate that i'll REALLY love to have it...hehe =P

Gary said...

I really love the show. Sometimes I really feel like leading a more leisurely life.

纸老虎 said...

原来"朽木"也可雕啊!:p 这次的"简单就是美2"让我知道原来世界的另一端有一群人'真正的活着'。不为金钱, 没有都市的烦躁, 纯粹为了兴趣而努力。这样的感觉真好~

p.s 如果可以, 我也想得到这份用心做出的礼物! >.<


Evonne said...

Love tis show much lots .
Love the craft :) It nice and makes me think i can use DIY to unuse items or use items :)

it is a show which i looking forward every week ~wil stick on tv becos of tis show .

hope can received tis gift . It was a wonderful gift :)

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