Kitta 和她先生

植物染: 採用有机棉、麻和原料,善用当季的植物,用最天然的染织方法
鴨川市金束 622


Lawrence said...

This is one the nicest and coolest production on tv! great filming and beautifully narated! and i think Peifen is the most ideal person to host this programme! she is so natural, generated so much warm and sincerity in hosting this show, two thumbs up for her!!! I really enjoy watching this programe that tell us life can be very rewarding and beautiful, being simple!

Anonymous said...

Hi producers of poetic life journey, thank you for such creative and beautiful show. hope you r planning your simple show 3. and pls do not remove this blog even if the whole series of simple 2 has ended. each week of show adds to my list of places to next visit and this blog is creative, beautiful and chicly done. i spend hours pouring over all the websites listed. these are things that put a smile on my face. Xie xie!