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馥。碧 said...


Bryan said...

小周, u are the man.

我要喝小周的茶. =)


馥。碧 said...

hi bryan! you mean we can find 小周's tea in singapore? if yes, where can i find it? haha. =)

Anonymous said...

Having been watching last 4 episodes of So Simple 2, it's simply marvellous. A job very well done, given the crew (if i'm not wrong) are mostly amateur or semi-pro. Pei Fen , jia you!

In fact, it's one of the few tv programmes that lure one to glue to the google-box during it's showtime. Perhaps, Mediacorp should go along this line to produce more shows of this nature which comprises of educational (yet without too heavy staff), inspirational and ecological (in-thing now) contents.

Really admire 小周 for his courage to embrace his life time passion.

Very much in agreement with what's was mentioned in yesterday episode...spiritual gain is just as important as material ones. Just recalled a phrase by a poet that I came across in NLB >> The Best things to do in life are those that can outlast it.


卫斯理 said...


Bryan said...

Hi 馥。碧 nah, haa of coz we cant find it here, but i am going to taiwan in March. Going for work, probably gg to plan my trip earlier, hopefully i will be able to visit 小周. =)

truly inspired by the man.

oh btw i saw ur blog, ha u record their conversation down! ha good job!

So Simple Administrator said...

Dear viewers, as we had mentioned in the show, 赤兰自然生态茶园 is not opened to the public. Unless he is willing to make an exception, 周显榜先生 is not obligated to entertain any visitors.

Bryan said...

oh man, thats unfortunate. no worries Then i will go nan tou to visit the tea plantations~ woo

Anonymous said...

yes.. strange thoughts ))