Brown's Field

負责人- Deco Nakajima 中島デコさん 和Everett Kennedy Brown
Macrobiotics “長壽饮食法” 以当季植物和五穀为主,尽量少吃红肉和加工的食物,主张慢食 :细嚼慢咽,进食到八分饱

Brownsfield Rice Terrace Café & Guesthouse
地址: 〒 299-4504千葉県いすみ市岬町桑田1501-1
Open 11:00 ~ 17:00 (Fri,Sat,Sun)

WWOOF – Willing Workers of Organic Farms – 到有机农场当志工


Anonymous said...

Thank you Peifen for this wonderful show!~
I am looking forward to the next episode!

Joanne said...

Hello Peifen, your show is simply fantastic! I'm so envious how u can travel from places to place and look at life from other angle. Singapore is just too stressful!

Anonymous said...

This show is inspiring, moving and informative. The shooting, music, art direction, etc is juz marvellous! The theme of the show is great too. Inspiring us (urbanites) to appreciate and embrace nature, & the people interviewed were very passionate abt their work (so much so that they were willing to change their lifestyle). Pls format this show season 1 & season into DVD, so I can relieve the beauty of this show. I'm alredy lookin forward to season 3,4,5... Keep up the good work!

Knotty Bicsie said...

Peifen, thank you so much for such a inspiring, heart-warming & thought-provoking show! This is really hard to come by nowadays with all the overly hyped blockbuster movies & reality shows. Even my hubby was awed by the wonderful things in life that you are sharing!

We are particularly excited about last night's tokyo trip! Can't wait for next week's show to carry on this eye-opening journey! like my hubby said, "isn't this our dream life....!" :) Peifen, xie xie ni!

by the way, I'd really love to find out more about the organic dye that you briefly mentioned at the end of the show, by a all-round talented family. Just wondering if I can have the email address of the lady? or anyway I can get in touch with her? my email is betsy@knottybicsie.com.sg

Thank you! And my hubby & I are looking forward to more of your fabulous & beautiful work! Ganbatte ne! ;)

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