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Hi everyone, we hope you have all enjoyed So Simple 2. We thank every viewer for your support and faithful following. For some of you are constantly visiting this blog - thanks for all the nice words and feedback. We find it amazing that a simple show like ours could be so encouraging to you.

We'd like to invite you guys to do something for us. For all the interesting topics, profiles and places we have featured throughout the show, we would like you to tell us which one makes the most difference to you or affects or touches you above all. You may drop us a comment here (long or short, it does not matter). Most importantly, you let us know how you feel genuinely towards the topic/profile/place you pick.

And for that simple gesture, we would like to share our 2 bunny tea-pot felt warmers you see here. Our team will vote among ourselves which 2 comments or "letters" we feel touch us the most to be the owners of the tea-pot warmers. - the So Simple Folks



Tempura bus 可在自由之丘乘搭。
木曜馆古董杂货店 : 世田谷区北泽2-1-1,下北泽站徒步4分钟
People Tree 店址:〒152-0035 東京都目黒区自由が丘3-7-2
网址: http://
交“环保税”可以游览 :
food03 (singapore)

Treehouse, Kurkka, Rootote, Touta, Harvest