So Simple 2 Sound Track - "Blossom Hill"


Anonymous said...

may i know 1:30 to 1:33 of the video, the long pants where to get in singapore? sorry to ask here but i really need to buy it for my sister and she is a fan of peifen!:D and she really like that pants of hers! please reply D: it really means alot to me! sorry once again!

Mian Han said...

hi, were you refering to the camouflage cargo pants? try New Urban Male outlets (Heeren first). Not sure if they still have them.

lam said...

Dear so simple,

I am a audience from Hong Kong.
Thank you for introducing all these wonderful and inspirating program to us.
I am a girl who is getting lose in city life, from this program,I have found some meaning of life too. And i have start my XX small DIY part time business too.
Thanks for giving us courage to listen to touch to feel and to love life.


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