诚品/ 快乐逃兵Mosaic / 阿原肥皂





如有兴趣,阿原肥皂在这些地点可以买到:Unity Pharmacy @ Tanglin Mall Great ,World City and Ang Mo Kio Hub


Pearline Poon said...

Hi Peifen,
After I watched your show on 第2系列的简单就是美, I realised that there are shop where I could find DIY mosaic making shops. I am a mosaic fanatic and I so happy that I could go to one next month(I'm heading to holiday in Taiwan next month). Thank you so much for creating this blog so as I could search the location of the store!
P.s: I realise that you ARE in the sense,you confidently convey your inner self and personality into the camera now.(from watching 第2系列的简单就是美)and during SPOP 万岁, 你的电视主持功力越来越好了!!!加油!!!加油!!! =)

Nora said...

I enjoyed the 2nd series very much especially when it touch on all things natural - a real breather from our stressful city lifestyles. Hope there will be a 3rd series.....